Is “Defiance” Worth Defending?

A Review of the SyFy Series “Defiance” by Tiffany A. White Earth as we now know it is gone. After an alien invasion in 2013, the humans and the aliens fought for years (“The Pale Wars”), destroying much of the planet. But now, thirty-three [...]

Serving Up a Tasty Dish with “Hannibal”

A Review of the NBC Drama “Hannibal” by Tiffany A. White One of the most fascinating and chilling characters in literary and cinematic history has come to TV—Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Only this time, audiences will get to experience more [...]

Struck by “Arrow”

A Review of the CW Superhero Drama “Arrow” by Tiffany A. White We all know how much of a success Smallville was; heck, it lasted ten seasons on the CW. Fighting crime alongside Clark (aka The Blur; aka Superman, played by Tom Welling) [...]

It May Win the Longest TV Title Award, but is “How To Live With Your Parents…” LOL Funny?

A Review of the ABC Sitcom “How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)” by Tiffany A. White We’ve all wondered it at least once since leaving home, whether it be for college, or marriage, or just because… what would we [...]

Norma and Norman, Anything But Normal at the “Bates Motel”

A Review of the A&E Drama “Bates Motel” by Tiffany A. White Norma and Norman Bates are anything but Normal in Bates Motel… In A&E’s Bates Motel, we revisit the Alfred Hitchcock favorite… only this time we’ll see how it all [...]

Is “Continuum” Science Fiction TV Success?

A Review of the SyFy Series “Continuum” by Tiffany A. White I love the supernatural; however, I’m not that big on science fiction television… not like my guy, anyway. He has watched everything on the SyFy network, from Battlestar Gallactica [...]

Why “Golden Boy” is Like a Bag of Potato Chips

A Review of the CBS Crime Drama “Golden Boy” by Tiffany A. White Golden Boy follows Walter William Clark, Jr. (Theo James from the British series Bedlam and Downton Abbey) on his unprecedented rise through the New York City Police force [...]

Will the “Red Widow” Survive the Mafia’s and TV’s Hit List?

A Review of ABC’s “Red Widow” by Tiffany A. White First of all, the television series I am about to review is called Red Widow… not Red “Window” like I thought for months prior to its premiere. Red Widow makes so much more sense. [...]

TV and its “Cult” Following

A Review of the CW’s “Cult” by Tiffany A. White Basically, Cult is a CW show about a CW show within a CW show. Is anyone lost yet? Don’t worry; the pilot episode is just about as confusing, but it gets better. Cult follows journalist [...]

TV’s Latest Casualty – “Zero Hour”

A Review of ABC’s “Zero Hour” by Tiffany A. White I was all set to review ABC’s new The Da Vinci Code-esque TV series, Zero Hour, this week… but then, in typical network fashion here lately, ABC cancelled it after only three episodes. Uh-oh… [...]