Second Hand Rose at Atlas Performing Arts Center on Oct. 10!

Second Hand Rose (China)

8PM on Oct. 10, 2014

at Atlas Performing Arts Center

1333 H St, NW, Washington, DC 20002

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Second Hand Rose are highly theatrical, rock with the look of Chinese opera; Think: “David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust if he were from Shanghai.” Join them on their “Useless Rock” North American Tour and embark on an adventure to discover how the Chinese rock scene has changed over the last decade through their music and the spectacle that is their live show! This Chinese band combines rock with Chinese sounds and instruments. Singing in local dialect and featuring comic skits, video projections and outrageous outfits are the unique elements of their live shows; ridiculing the self chosen marginality of many underground Chinese rock bands and urging them to reconnect with the People is what their music is about. Their uniqueness has earned them a reputation as the best live band of the People’s Republic.

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