How Disconnected Are You?

The art exhibition “Disconnect”, presented at the Target Gallery and Torpedo Factory Art Center explores the concepts of how social media and new technology are dominating our everyday lives.

From Saturday October 5th to Sunday November 3rd, explore how the artists turn their concepts into art; from Danielle Langdon’s New Pedestrians: on a street, where pedestrians humorously interact with their peers through instuctions sent to their smartphones, to a painting of a man who has literally become his online persona in a series of works by local born artist Nathaniel St. Amour.


“It has become a full-time job having a social media presence online. I find myself being ‘left behind’ while technology and social media continues to evolve,” says Alessia Resta in her artist statement contribution to the exhibition.

Other selected artists include: Miyuki Akai Cook (WV), Ryan Cummings (NC), Theresa Devine (AZ), Nicholas Fiacco (DC), Anna Fine Foer (MD), Rachel Green (GA), Max Heller (NC), Alisa Henriquez (NY), Peter Hiers (CA), Melanie Kehoss (VA), Takanori Kurokawa (Japan), Danielle Langdon (MO), Sang Eun Lee (IL), Andrew Martin (TX), Alessia Resta (NY), Melissa Sarris (NY), Jason Schwab (OH), Nathaniel St. Amour (VA), Etty Yaniv (NY).

Join the artists for a reception on Thursday, October 10th from 6pm- 8pm and a gallery talk with juror Phil Hutinet at 7pm.

 Target Gallery

Torpedo Factory Art Center, 105 N. Union Street, Alexandria, VA


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